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The Cut Flower Garden

Although we are partial to peonies, we grow other cut flowers, too! Our mix changes each season (we like surprises), but we always have sunflowers, tuberose’s, hydrangeas, and other garden flowers.

We think locally grown flowers are more fragrant, and they last longer. We love growing flowers, and we enjoy the smiles and the emotions that our flowers bring to others.

Since cut flowers are seasonal, we will post varieties and pricing as they become available. 

Cut Flower Availability

Peonies: May through June
Tuberoses: July through October


Famous for their lingering fragrance, Polianthes tuberose sends up a 24″ stem carrying up to 30 white, waxy, flower spikes. Very popular as a cut flower for weddings. Call 812-682-4406 or Contact Kathy for ordering information. Bulbs are also available.