New Harmony, Indiana

The Farm

The Farm – A Growing History

In 1814, Father George Rapp and the Harmonists settled in the Wabash Valley because the climate and soil conditions were perfect for establishing a vineyard, an orchard, and grains to sustain the communal Harmonist Society. For the next decade, Harmonie agricultural products were grown on fertile river land, including a 15-acre vineyard, a 35 acre orchard of apple and pear trees, and a five acre vegetable garden. The Harmonists marketed their produce across the United States and around the world.

Today, Fragrant Farms is located on 24 acres of New Harmony land once tilled and harvested by the Harmonists. A vineyard was reborn in 1994, and the most treasured of the farm’s cut flower crop, the peony, was established in the same year. Companions were planted for the peonies: a variety of flowers, and vegetables. Contact us about Group Tour Information.