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Plant a Peony

Plant a Peony in Your Garden this Fall

For a charming cottage garden or as a landscaping backdrop, peonies provide literally generations of pleasure. In early spring, foliage emerges with a reddish tint before bursting with branches brimming with blooms in late spring and early summer. Lasting into fall, the leaves begin to turn bronze with a purplish tint, giving three seasons of peony enjoyment.

Easy to grow and virtually maintenance-free, once established, peonies are hardy in zones 3-8. Peonies do best when planted in the fall. Make sure the eyes are planted no deeper than 2 inches under the soil; if planted too deeply, the bush will not bloom.

We dig the plants in September and October for sale during the fall. Check back in September for variety, availability and pricing. Orders can be placed in our convenient shopping cart or, for personal attention, please call 888-814-4665 to speak with Kathy or use our Contact Us form at top of page.

If you are a neighbor, don’t miss our Kunstfest in New Harmony in September. We sell our beautiful plants in our booth there! For information about the annual Kunstfest Festival, please visit New Harmony Business Associates website.