New Harmony, Indiana

Signature Collection

Our Signature Peony Collection makes a splendid gift for a friend or loved one, especially for Mother’s Day. We offer a dozen of our most prized peonies along with a beautiful card with a handwritten message.

We will not be shipping peonies this season.

A representation of the Collection includes buds from the following varieties:

Monsieur Jules Elie

Monsieur Jules Elie

This classic rose-pink double flower with an ivory-white center was introduced in 1888. It is very fragrant. This is a mid-season peony.

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt

Introduced in 1906 by the renowned Lemoine nursery in France, this lovely 100 year old plant features very large, very fragrant, light-pink double flowers with veins of magenta flowing among her petals. This peony is a late variety.

Duchesse D'Orleans

Duchesse D’Orleans

A double flower with deep pink center, petals tinted with violet, this timeless peony was introduced in 1846. It is usually softly scented. This is a mid-season    peony.

Moon Over Barrington

Moon Over Barrington

Reigning since 1986 this is a huge light cream colored flower with a spicy fragrance. A very large bloom and is mid-season peony.

Felix Crousse

Felix Crousse

Introduced in 1881, this striking double flower is carmine red with a silver tint. The Felix is a mid-season peony.

Nippon Beauty

Nippon Beauty

This is a single petal Japanese peony that was introduced in 1927. It is a dark red blossom with a yellow center.

Mr Ed

Mr. Ed

Around since 1980, this is a mid-season flower, it is sometimes white and sometimes pink; this beauty is sometimes known to have both colors on the same bush.


Charlie’s White

Introduced in 1951 this peony is an early bloomer, with white blossoms. This mildly fragrant blossom is an excellent cut flower.


Duchesse De’Nemour

This fragrant heirloom peony is the most famous double white and has been around since 1856. A much loved old favorite! This peony blooms mid-season.


Ann Cousins

A late variety, introduced in 1946, this is a double-white flower that has the fragrance
of a rose.