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For the Love of Flowers

Tucked in the gently flowing bend of the Wabash River in Historic New Harmony, Indiana, Fragrant Farms is a cut flower farm, and the peony is our signature flower. Reminiscent of the agrarian innovations of New Harmony’s founders in the early 1800′s, we use natural growing practices in the cultivation of our flowers.

At Fragrant Farms we believe that before we can grow vibrant, living flowers, we must first bring that condition to our soil. This is done by a rigorous program of composting, cover-cropping, and organic mulches. This ‘naturally grown’ approach produces the healthiest conditions for our flowers to realize their full potential from the field to the vase.

We sell the fresh cut stems in May and early June. We also sell peony plants in the Fall. Please visit our online store for current stock and other products.


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